In late 2013, I joined Hammerhead, a venture backed hardware tech startup based in NYC, to head design. Hammerhead aims to inspire cyclists to adventure beyond the routine ride. Our first product, the Hammerhead One, is a connected device that guides cyclists with the use of intuitive light patterns. I lead the development of an overall experience: industrial design and custom device UI framework as well as iOS and Android apps.

2017 Update: Hammerhead just launched its second product, Karoo, a new kind of connected cycling computer. Please visit hammerhead.io to know more.

Navigation optimized for bicycling

Hammerhead helps cyclists get around on a bike and enables them to explore new routes and destinations. Cyclists create custom routes with ease and flexibility. The device then guides them by showing light patterns through their peripheral vision, so they can keep their eyes safely on the road and enjoy the ride. They discover the world around them on a bike and share their experiences on social media.


Industrial Design & Hardware Development

The hardware product reflects the innovative character of the new type of navigation system we built. We merged a futuristic look with aerodynamic shapes into a rugged, water-resistant and compact device. We worked meticulously with our overseas factories to bring the manufactured device as close as possible to our product vision.


User Experience

Adopting a mobile-first strategy, we created a system in which users drop waypoints sequentially on a map to build a route. This allowed for great flexibility, enabling users to focus on improving the quality of their planned journey. During a ride, the phone is safely stowed away, while the 29 RGB LED array on the Hammerhead device displays intuitive and beautiful light patterns guiding a user along his or her route. In addition to the most common types of directional commands, such as “make a right turn”, we developed several light patterns for “slight right”, “merge on right”, “u-turn on right”, “third exit on roundabout” and more.


Visual Branding

Our brand was based on the idea of “epic rides”. Instead of directly putting emphasis on the navigation aspects of our product, we focused on evoking feelings of freedom and discovery while riding. We used inspiring imagery of breath-taking landscapes. Our visual identity employs sharp colors and bold, rounded graphics.


My Role:
As VP of Design, I lead design on all fronts - UI/UX, ID and Visual Branding. I direct and manage design contractors and interface with engineering teams and manufacturing partners. I help with product definition and strategy.

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