For the holiday season, world’s largest producer of spirits, Diageo, worked with Futurebrand to create the premium Johnnie Walker Store for the Brazilian market. A sales success in 2012, the stores were re-installed in the following year. I was part of the product design team from ideation to production.



The Johnnie Walker Store was based on the idea of a cozy lounge where customers could discover and learn more about Johnnie Walker’s premium labels and exclusive blends. Conceived as a standalone mobile island, the open character of the store welcomes in customers. The comfortable atmosphere entices them to stay a little longer.



Identical stores were installed in the principal malls of four major cities in Brazil: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Belo Horizonte. Our team oversaw the production and installation of the stores.


We created several completely different initial concepts for the store: one designed as a museum exhibit, one based on the idea of totems around a central island, and one referencing the layout of a bar.

My Role:
From ideation to production, I worked on design concepting, design refinement, CAD, 3D renderings, technical drawings and overseeing of production.

Futurebrand - Agency
Karine Uehara - Art Director
Josei Nagayassu - Lead Designer

Julio Radesca - Product Designer
Gabriel Fernandes - Visual Designer
Silvia Kanayama - Producer

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