Personal Fresh Air

Feeling comfortable and focused in a tranquil and vibrant office environment makes for healthy, productive and dynamic work.

The desk houses air-renewing plants that act as a partition wall reducing noise and visual pollution. The structure of the desk forms a hydroponic system that feeds them.


For the prototype, an MDF mold was milled and then a translucent sheet of PET was vacuum formed. The structure of the desk was made of steel tubes, copper pipes and brass connections.

I took a hands-on approach to materialize this project. I developed mock-ups and functional models to evaluate shapes, proportions and mechanisms.

I produced scale models to visualize early concepts.


The study that was the foundation for this project is presented in this TED lecture by Kamal Meattle. The juxtaposition of natural/artificial and indoor/outdoor were my main sources of inspiration. Alternative methods of cultivation of plants, specially the different hydroponic systems, also played a big role in informing the design of the desk.